On November 15th RGI will participate in PMI DAY 2017 Eigh ...


On November 15th RGI will participate in "PMI DAY 2017" - Eighth national day for small and medium companies

The "PMI DAY 2017" is organized by Confindustria Canavese with the goal to inform young people on the worls of work and on the companies.

RGI will participate at the event “Industriamoci, nel Canavese” receiving a class of an Ivrea secondary school as guest.

The event reached its eighth edition and every year the small and medium companies associated with Confindustria open their doors to young people, but also to local administrators, press and all those who interact with the activities of the companies. The event will be a unique opportunity to tell company's stories, its values and its culture that undergo the daily work of people.