TecnicaMente Adecco



Our company, RGI, gladly participates to the project “TecnicaMente–Adecco” which involves senior high school students from Istituto Tecnico Industriale Amedeo Avogadro, Turin and Istituto Tecnico Europa Unita, Chivasso.

This will be done within two days – 29 May, ITIS Europa Unita of Chivasso & 31 May, ITIS Avogadro of Turin - in which the participating companies have the opportunity to attend the presentation of projects made by the students regarding innovation, technological complexity and applicability to the industrial and production of the world.

The participating companies will be part of a jury and will have the task of evaluating the works to choose the best project in which the goal is to reward the best project in terms of quality, content and innovation.

In this way, the companies have the opportunity to make themselves known and to intercept the graduates of 2018 before finishing their studies and helping them to access the world of work.