PASS_Broker Evolution

PASS_Broker Evolution is the management system designed to meet the brokers' requirements

  • PASS_Broker Evolution is the new, fully web-based management system for insurance developed with Microsoft technologies, which enables users to:

    • Have a single view of their portfolio
    • Integrate the entire digital evolution (mobiles, electronic payments, digital signature, paperless, etc.)
    • Be more compliant with regulations
    • Increase and facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders
    • Integrate easily with third-party applications


  • Customer-centric view

    A customer card for browsing and managing all data

  • Modular management

    Gradual activation of the required modules

  • Paperless

    Compliant optical storage, biometric signature, digital signature, certified email management, dematerialisation of documents

  • Multilingual

    Multilingual and multi-company management at user level

  • Systems integration

    Direct integration with Microsoft Office Automation environment (Outlook via Exchange or other managers), Gmail