RGI is an Independent Software Vendor, a European leader in the digital transformation of Insurers.

We have been committed for more than 30 years to the Insurance industry.

RGI has a wealth experience in dealing with Insurers, Bank Insurers, Agents, Brokers, independent Financial Advisors.

With more than 1.000 professionals in Italy, France & Luxembourg, DACH & Slovenia, Ireland, Africa & Middle East, we have a proven track record of successfully collaborating with more than 110 Insurers and 300 brokers across the EMEA region, supporting them on their journey to excellence.


RGI strives to be the digital influencer in a rapidly changing industry.

We deliver solutions and services to help Insurers achieve operational efficiency, harness the power of digital and meet regulatory standards.

We bring expertise and a focus on innovation to a global community of Insurers.

We are committed to your success.


We envision, design and deliver state of the art insurance platforms and digital suites in core insurance areas, with both tailored projects as well as standard solutions for rapid roll-out.

Our experience, expertise and innovative product offering form the basis of our position of leadership in modern Insurance technology.

The solutions we deliver are the direct result of intensive collaboration with our Clients, our deep understanding of the needs of the insurance market and best practices in software engineering technologies.


  • Gioia Ghezzi


  • Vito Rocca

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Alberto Piva

    Market & Corporate Staff Vice President

  • Christophe Quesne

    President KAPIA-RGI

  • Elena Pistone

    Chief of Corporate Services

  • Alessandro Simili

    Transformation & Academy Director

  • Ugo Di Iorio

    Research Development Vice President

  • Margherita Mapelli

    Finance Vice President

  • Michele Maggiorotti

    Corporate Operations Vice President

  • Christian Euler

    DACH Country Manager

  • Jihed Mrad

    MAGHREB Country Manager

  • Patrick Nelva

    KAPIA-RGI Market and Business Development

  • Andrea Craviotto

    International Market Director

  • Paolo Tomas

    Italy Market Director