Insurance 4.0


Insurance 4.0

Artificial intelligence and the evolution of the insurance customer journey Interpreted by RGI at the Sole 24 Ore Annual Assicurazioni conference

Milan, 07-11-2017 - How can we respond to new business challenges through state-of-the-art technological solutions? This is the question at the heart of the debates held throughout this morning at the 19th Sole 24 Ore Annual Assicurazioni conference, of which RGI was the main sponsor.

“With today’s technology, we are able to handle any business model thanks to innovative tools and multichannel platforms that can digitalise the entire insurance value chain” asserted Vito Rocca, CEO of RGI, interviewed by Alessandro Plateroti, Deputy Director of “Il Sole 24 ORE”. “The digital transformation has already shaped the insurance sector significantly, and today we talk about being able to “zap” across all distribution channels.”

Many companies have set up new points of contact with their customers, creating a digital customer journey that reflects the needs of end users that are increasingly connected, informed and digitised, in continuous transition between the physical and the virtual world.

“Insurance market players are now faced with a new insurance scenario 4.0 that will enable them to become part of a new ecosystem, generated in turn by the development of connections between traditionally separated sectors” continued Rocca. “It is a meeting of industries that is a great opportunity, not only for the participating companies but also for the end customers that benefit from more customised products and services.”

“In the near future,” explained Ugo Di Iorio, Presales & Business Innovation Director RGI, “the user experience will be increasingly driven by new technologies and artificial intelligence systems, which will play a key role in this evolution, enabling the creation of a professional-consumer relationship based on smart, dynamic interaction.”