PASS Insurance

PASS Insurance is the comprehensive, component-based core system which supports the entire insurance cycle with multi-company, multi-territory, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities.

A complete bespoke solution for all the business lines of Life and Non-Life General Insurance with a 360-degree view of customers, agents and operations


  • Core Insurance System

    PASS Insurance Core is a component-based software solution suite that provides full life-cycle processing capabilities in core insurance areas including policy administration, product design, new business underwriting, billing, claims and distribution management


    Digital Suite

    PASS Insurance Digital is a Powerful Enablement Platform to support omni-channel distribution from a single product instance. Our portal and digital applications enable Insurers to deliver a fully digital service to partners and policyholders from anywhere and on any device. It incorporates responsive design and enables consistent underwriting control through seamless integration with the PASS Insurance Core system

Powered by an advanced service-oriented architecture and best-in-class configuration capabilities, PASS Insurance sets the standard for adaptability, reliability and speed to market. PASS Insurance combines all insurance core processes and lines of business on a cost effective, flexible underwriting and distribution solution empowering insurance staff to respond and adapt to market change with a faster and enhanced experience


    PASS Insurance Core is the Policy Administration System comprising a number of stand-alone modules divided by line of business:

    • Non-life (Motor and Non-Motor lines of business)
    • Specialty (transport, bonds and hail)
    • Life
    • Claims

    The main module of PASS Insurance Core is PASS Products, the product configurator and rating engine.

    Cross modules are shared by the lines of business and provide management of all the customer’s Database, Accounting, Reinsurance, Forms, Statistical reports and Business analysis operations


    This is the complete suite of applications devised for the insurance industry providing fully digital interaction between Insurers and their policyholders and partners.

    The APPs have been developed and customised for each Insurers and satisfy all their interaction needs.

    Integration with PASS Insurance is a key feature, enabling Insurers to produce more specific business analytics and resulting in an increase in the number of touch points for new business opportunities and the possibility of delivering custom services more attuned to customers’ business needs


    PASS Insurance Digital is a digital Front End component that enables Insurers to conduct their business in a shared environment, with an omnichannel distribution model. The 360-degree view of the customer makes for a satisfying and positive customer experience, with the same level of service across all distribution channels.

    PASS Insurance Digital includes:

    • an omni-channel, omni-device front-end
    • a Business Process Management solution
    • a decoupling layer
    • a paperless solution