Add-on modules

These are fully stand-alone modules that are able to meet the needs of all players in the insurance industry. Multi-channel, ease of integration and usability are the distinguishing features of the PASS product line.

  • PASS_Transports

    PASS_Transports is the module for Transport that can also be used as a stand-alone and provides the following cover for both group and individual policies:

    • Transportation liability
    • Own damage  
    • Goods
  • PASS_Bonds

    PASS_Bonds is the module for Bonds that can also be used as a stand-alone with the following features: 

    • Management of credit, the lending process and controls on credit lines and customer status
    • Management of Beneficiaries, ATIs and joint debtors.
  • PASS_Party

    PASS_Party is the PASS_Insurance Core module dedicated to the party management.

    PASS_Party has been designed specifically to manage information required to describe and manage (physical or legal) persons.

    The data managed by the repository subsystem is the data required to record persons as repository entries, which is the data normally required to identify a party regardless of the specific contractual role it occupies in the company portfolio.

  • PASS_Reinsurance

    PASS_Reinsurance is the PASS_Insurance Core dedicated to the Reinsurance management.

    PASS_Reinsurance makes it possible to manage the entire cycle of outward reinsurance for the Non-Life and Life branch. This module covers the requests concerning the fulfillments considered in compliance to regulation IVASS 574/D.