The core module of the PASS_Insurance system is PASS_Products, the product configurator and tariff engine.

  • PASS_Products

    PASS_Products allows the design and complete management of Life and Non-Life insurance products, without any limitation in the number of guarantees, insured assets and parameters in the premium calculation rules.

    In addition, for Life classes, it governs the characterisation of all the specificities associated with the class: Investments, Rates, Coupons, Quotes.

    PASS_Products is natively integrated in the Policy Administration System but can also be used in stand-alone mode and in the PASS_Products Easy version.

  • PASS_Products Easy

    In the PASS_Products Easy version, the product configurator can be used autonomously and independently by business users, reducing the time-to-market for the creation and go-live of new products (<1 month) or for modifying existing products.