The new user experience is inspired to social networks, to B2C portals and to simple omnidevice design


  • RGI’s PASS_Portal is an innovative, customisable front end that is easy to use even while on the move.

    A front end that provides a unique user experience with flexibility to customise the workspace.

    Each card represents a specific business activity designed to allow an intuitive approach, which can also be integrated with cards from the non-insurance world.


    Extreme User Experience inspired by socials and B2C web portals with functionalities developed according to mobile design best practices with a responsive and customizable user interface.

    Both headquarter users and intermediaries share the same front-end but they have the flexibility to highly customize their own workspace area.


    Each user can configure one or more workspace area (Boards), each of them containing a configurable set of functionalities (Cards).

    Each Card wraps a specific business activity designed in a highly intuitive way: cards allow to perform actions (e.g. search a customer, search a proposal or a quote) and to start workflows (e.g. do a quotation, change customer information) also with the integration of PASS_Insurance cards and third parties’ cards.

    Card can be fed by dragging & dropping items from (and towards) a cross-board items.


    User-profile driven functionalities for traditional, bancassurance and direct channel with a responsive and customizable user interface (PC, tablet and mobile).
    Each user can configure a Board on his device and access the same board by any other devices.