RGI Academy

The RGI Academy was conceived with the aim of introducing qualified methodologies, recognized by the market for the establishment of a training system to support business flexibility. The Academy boasts innovative teaching methods, qualified teachers and innovative technologies and provides a wide range of training courses and solutions tailored to specific requirements

  • The RGI Academy offers several programs based on a matrix approach to cover the RGI Value Proposition, allowing the Partners to benefit of specific know-how to achieve a win-win strategy.

    It helps our Partners to acquire analytical skills and knowledge to manage at the best the partnership business and goals, through a depth knowledge of the solutions with a dynamic interaction



    Supplies all the expertise and competence about PASS_Insurance suite depending on the needs: the different sessions will take care of all the aspects of PASS_Insurance Suite that will be held by RGI Certified Trainers, following the partner step by step


    Provides certifications to validate and distinguish competency and expertise: the program allows partners and customers to become CERTIFIED based on their unique partner type- whether a sales or services-focused partner. Offers globally recognised certifications: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum (Standard /Advanced)


    All training courses are designed to transfer knowledge and develop core skills and abilities. The training methods are based on the latest learning techniques and alternate theoretical lessons, classroom exercises, content consolidation moments, technical tutoring activities and training on the job.