PASS Insurance Cloud


  • PASS Insurance, the standard Insurance platform in EMEA, is available in cloud to allow start-up and incumbent Insurers to catch the rapidly expanding opportunities for innovation and growth.

    By running PASS Insurance in cloud, Insurers can benefit of a mature and robust digital platform, PASS_Insurance , with cutting-edge innovation and modern technology, while keeping costs low and remaining extremely agile.

    The adoption of the European P&C and Life best-seller platform in cloud mode enable Insurers to fully concentrate on their core business and transfer the risky, complex IT operations to RGI, to include also the benefits of the cloud such as scalability, cost savings, rapid rollout, managed services, data security.

  • PASS Insurance in cloud is your best option if you want to:

    • Enjoy the scalability according to your growth
    • Accelerate the legacy systems replacement
    • Establish new systems to respond to new market opportunities
    • Quickly launch new products and easily test innovations with faster speed-to-market
    • Enter new market segments, such as new business lines
    • Enter new geographies
    • Expand through new channels
    • Concentrate on customers, suppliers, partners, and distribution network engagement