• Would you like to easily perform data-driven analysis tasks, using state-of-art Machine Learning models?

    One of the key processes in which these models are tipically used in insurance is Pricing Simulation.

    In this scenario, our System enables Insurers to easily perform customer segmentation in rate tables and using past claims and Portfolio data, to estimate the right price of the policy

Actionable insights for your data driven insurance

The key features of our system are:

  • Powerful and Effective Data Visualization Capabilities

    All the data can be visualized and explored in an interactive data visualization tool, leveraging the full power of our suite PASS_Analytics. Correlations between the different features of data can be explored with graphic KPIs or advanced models such as Decision Trees or Logistic Regression.

  • Effective Customer Segmentation Models

    Our system allows to perform segmentation of customers, in order to create the right pricing rules for each customer class. The Insurer can define its own segmentation strategy, and evaluate its predictive power, or use a proprietary built-in module for automatic customer segmentation.

  • Pricing Estimation

    Correct Pricing estimation for the tariff can be performed using state-of-art predictive models, based on Machine Learning Techniques. These models allow to estimate the right tariff to cover the predicted costs that could be generated by the policy.

  • Model Deployment

    The models derived in this way can be put in production and integrated with our Insurance Product Configuration Engine PASS_Products. The insurance product can be delivered to the customer just in few clicks and without writing any code.

  • Model Evaluation

    The model can be evaluated live, watching its predictions over the past data. The overall performances can be estimated even through some specific KPIs.